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About Neat Storage Systems Company


Neat Storage Systems Company is a professional Storage Racking Systems & Display Systems manufacturer in India. We specialize in providing various Office and Library storage systems, including warehouse racking, industrial racking, shelving systems, warehouse rankings, cantilever racks, tools storage racks, live storage, and more. Each of our products features sensible structure, stylish design, reliable quality, and high stability. They are widely used for storing or handling goods in supermarkets, logistics centres, warehouses, offices, libraries, universities, hotels, hospitals, insurance sectors, IT ,ITes, government sectors etc.we have devoted ourselves to providing high quality Industrial racking, Office and library shelving, and other storage equipment for our customers at a low price. In order to accomplish this, we have taken a series of quality and cost control measures. For example, we use rolling, CO2 gas, shielding welding, anti-rusting, other pre-treatment technology when producing our racking systems. We also provide special training for our staff to help them master each manufacturing technique, thus improving production efficiency and saving on labour costs.


Apart from our standard Designs, Products, we also undertake any type of specific design as per our client’s requirements. To better serve our customers, we have established a complete pre-sale and after-sale customer service system. We can do free site visit and do layout design according to their requirement. Our efforts are appreciated by our customers.


Please contact us If you have any future plans, projects, Renovation etc. in future. We are looking forward to working with you.


We are happy to serve you! Always…!!